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Rick Carter, CLU, ChFC,MBA, Insurance Agent

I do a lot of networking events and am a member of several organizations that meet monthly and I always pass out my books to prospective clients at these functions- my business has grown exponentially as a result of this and I will continue to buy more and more books because bottom line, this concept works!*292298021_414862380591073_7055243659402017557_n*jpg?alt=media&token=9dac9736-24f7-49c3-86c3-563f97142621

Mario Galdos,  President of Triton Group Home Loans

My book is one of my top 3 marketing tools for more leads and referrals- I have personally made over half a million dollars in extra income over the last 7 years from my Ask The Expert book and its been one of the best returns on my money that I have ever seen in almost 20 years in the mortgage business. Thank you Marco you rock!*20220713_133038*jpg?alt=media&token=4de4219f-9a84-48ed-bf15-4305f8ed04ab
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